Retezat Mountains Romania

3-day hike in Retezat: Cabana Buta and Lake Bucura at the end of April

Retezat are spectacular mountains, with many peaks over 2000 meters high that remain covered in snow from December until the second half of May and sometimes even longer.

Leaota Mountains Romania

Leaota Mountains: hiking in Spring

In April, most likely it will be cold, windy and inhospitable on the summit, however the nice views along the way and the reasonable steep path will make it a pleasant journey.

Piatra Mare Romania

Piatra Mare – one-day hike near Brasov

The Piatra Mare Mountains are located 10 km south from the city of Brasov.

The fact they are not very tall mountains makes their highest peaks accessible all year round. The summit of Piatra Mare Mountains is at Varful Piatra Mare (1844 m).

Bucegi Mountains Romania

Ascending to Omu Peak (2505 m) in winter

Omu Peak is the summit of Bucegi. From Omu Peak you will have some nice panoramic views of all the mountains and valleys around. Also, the ascend from Cabana Malaiesti to Omu Peak via the Malaiesti Valley is beautiful as well.

Ciucas Mountains Romania

Ciucas Mountains – one day winter hike loop

The Ciucas Mountains are close to Brasov and Bucharest and are great for easy to moderate day hikes, all year round.

The highest peak in Ciucas Mountains is Ciucas Peak (1954 m), followed by Gropşoarele (1883 m), Tigăile Mari (1844 m) and Zăganu (1817 m).

Baiului Mountains Romania

Beautiful winter trail in Baiului Mountains

Ascend from Azuga to Urechea Peak (1705 m)  on this 3 hours long moderate hiking trail and you will be rewarded with beautiful views over the Bucegi Mountains.