Zarnesti to Cabana Curmatura (1470 m)

The trail towards Curmatura Chalet starts near Zarnesti at Botorog Fountain and is a 3 hours hike, suitable for beginner hikers.

From Cabana Curmatura you can get back to Botorog’s Fountain on a different path or you can continue your journey towards the spectacular Piatra Craiului ridge.

View from Cabana Curamtura, Piatra Craiului Mountains, Romania
Sunset view at Cabana Curamtura, Piatra Craiului Mountains, Romania

Quick info about Botorog’s Fountain to Curmatura Chalet trail

  • Starting point: Botorog’s Fountain (820 m)
  • Destination: Cabana Curmatura Chalet (1470 m)
  • Seasonality: all year
  • Duration: 2.5h – 3h
  • Length: ~5km
  • Markings: yellow bar
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Equipment: hiking boots
  • Closest accommodation unit to the start of the trail: Cabana Gura Raului Chalet
  • The closest town to the start of the trail: Zarnesti (4 km)
  • Distance from Bucharest: 180 km (3-4 h) by car
  • Parking: free parking on the side of the road

Botorog’s Fountain to Curmatura Chalet trail description

Trail: Fantana lui Botorog / Botorog’s Fountain (820m) – Poiana ZanoagaZanoaga glade (1300 m)  – Cabana CurmaturaCurmatura Chalet (1470 m)

Total duration: ~2.5h

Trail markings

Yellow bar

Yellow bar (2.5h):

Botorog’s Fountain (820m) – Zanoaga glade (1300 m)  ~1.5 h

Zanoaga gladeCurmatura Chalet (1470 m) ~1 h

Directions and checkpoints

Botorog to Curmatura chalet track
Botorog’s Fountain to Curmatura Chalet track
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Getting there

The closest town to the start of the trail is Zarnesti. You can reach it by car, bus or train.
From Zarnesti train station head towards Cabana Gura Raului. You can park your car for free in front of Cabana Gura Raului or 1.5 km higher on the side of the road at Botorog’s Fountain (Fantana lui Botorog).

Piatra Craiului Nation Park admission fees

Between the 1st of May to 31st October you have to pay a small tax to enter Piatra Craiului National Park: ~1 EUR per week or 5 EUR for the whole season.
More details on where to buy tickets for visiting Piatra Craiului National Park here.

Start of the trail – Fountain Botorog (820 m)

The trail starts from Botorog’s Fountain (Fantana lui Botorog) which is 4.5 km away from Zarnesti train station. The so-called fountain is actually a spring and the water is good for drinking.

At the left of the fountain, you will notice a signpost. Follow the yellow bar markings towards Curmatura Chalet. From here you should reach Curmatura Chalet in 3h or less.

The path is visible and follows the contour lines through the forest. The trail is suitable for a beginner hiker. There are some slippery portions, so pay increased attention if the ground or rocks are wet or covered in snow.

View over Bucegi mountains from Zanoaga Glade
View over Bucegi mountains from Zanoaga Glade

Poiana Zanoaga – Zanoaga glade (1300 m)

After about 1.5 h you will exit the forest in Zanoaga glade.

There is a sheepfold here during summer, so be aware of the shepherd’s dogs. If they start barking at you, don’t try to run, call the shepherd instead. The dogs are used with hikers and they won’t bite if you stay calm.

After 10 more minutes, you will reach a signpost where the path splits in two. Continue on the yellow bar markings. From here on, the trail gets less steep while we enter the forest again.

The other trail – marked with blue dot – will take you to Piatra Mica Peak.

Poiana Zanoaga
View of Piatra Craiului ridge from Zanoaga Glade

Mountain rescue Piatra Craiului hut

350 m before reaching Curmatura chalet you will notice the mountain rescue hut, on the left of the trail.

Cabana Curmatura Chalet (1470 m)

Curmatura Chalet is one of the best-kept mountain chalets in Romania and is the starting point of many beautiful trails in the Piatra Craiului Mountains.