The fastest way to get to Cabana Malaiesti

The fastest way to get to Cabana Malaiesti from Bucharest is from the town of Busteni.

In short, it’s a 5-6 hours hike from the train station in Busteni. You can save 1 hour by driving (or by taking a taxi) directly to the start of the trail at Gura Diham.

The hiking trail towards Cabana Malaiesti starts near Cabana Gura Diham, which is located at the base of the mountain, 4.5 km away from the train station in Busteni.

The trail from Cabana Gura Diham to Cabana Malaiesti has a length of 8 km with a total elevation gain of 1000 meters, so be prepared for some vigorous effort.

It takes around 4 hours to get from Cabana Gura Diham to Cabana Malaiesti.

The trail is of easy to moderate difficulty. There are some portions on the trail where you have to be extra cautious and hold on to the cables fixed in the rocks.

Important: this trail is only open in the summer season (May to November)

The part of the trails between Poiana Pichetul Rosu (Red Picked Glade) and Malaiesti Chalet is also known as the Take Ionescu trail. People commonly refer to it as Take. It is closed during winter due to high risk of avalanches.

If you want to spend the night at Cabana Malaiesti you will have to book in advance by calling this number: +40741074884

Getting to Busteni from Bucharest

The hike starts from the town of Busteni.

By train

The fastest way from Bucharest to Busteni is by train. There are hourly trains that depart from the Gara de Nord train station in Bucharest to Busteni.

Make sure you take an IR train (inter-regio) because they are much faster than R (regio) trains. The IR train ride from Bucharest to Busteni takes less than 2 hours and costs around 10 EUR.

You can find the train schedule here. If you are travelling from Bucharest enter “Bucuresti Nord” for departure and “Busteni” for arrival.

By car

The distance from Bucharest to Busteni is of about 150 km and it’s a 2-3 hour drive, depending on the traffic.

You can avoid the traffic jams that form during weekends by departing before 7 am from Bucharest. This way, you can also increase your changes of finding a parking spot near the start of the trail, at Cabana Gura Diham.


The trail towards the Malaiesti Chalet starts near Cabana Gura Diham touristic complex which is located 4.5 km away from the Busteni train station.

The road to Cabana Gura Diham is in good condition as it was recently paved. You can park your car for free near Gura Diham.

A taxi ride from the train station to Gura Diham will cost you around 25 lei.

Trail markings

Red stripe (1.5 hours)

Cabana Gura Diham (980 m) – Pichetul Rosu (1420 m)

Red Triangle (2.5 hours)

Pichetul Rosu (1420 m) – La Prepeleac (1760m) – Cabana Malaiesti (1720 m)

Getting to Cabana Malaiesti – main checkpoints and trail description

1. Cabana Poiana Izvoarelor (1455 m)

Red stripe (1.5 hours)

Cabana Gura Diham (980 m) – Pichetul Rosu (1420 m)

The trail starts at the right of the Cabana Gura Diham chalet. Start your hike by following the red stripe markings.

After a 15 minute rather steep ascent you will reach a sign post where the path divides in two. Continue on red bar towards Cabana Poiana Izvoarelor.

The other trail – blue triangle – will take you to Cabana Diham (1320m).

From Gura Diham, you should reach Cabana Poiana Izvoarelor in less than 1.5 hours.

Important: At Cabana Poiana Izvoarelor you will find the last source of water until Cabana Malaiesti.

The spring at Cabana Malaiesti has dried out. You will be able to purchase bottled water from the chalet at a price of 5 lei per half a liter.

At Cabana Poiana Izvoarelor

2. Pichetul Rosu (1420 m)

Red stripe (15 minutes)

Cabana Poiana Izvoarelor (1455 m) – Pichetul Rosu (1420 m)

From Cabana Poiana Izvoarelor continue on the red stripe markings for about 15 minutes until you reach to the signpost at Pichetul Rosu.

The sign post at Pichetul Rosu

3. La Prepeleac (1760 m)

Red triangle (1.5 hours)

Pichetul Rosu (1420 m) – La Prepeleac (1760 m)

The part of the trail between Pichetul Rosu and the Malaiesti Chalet is also known as Take Ionescu trail or simply “Take”. It is closed during the winter season (start of November to end of April) due to avalanche risk.

Take Ionescu was the prime minster of Romania between 1921-1922 and sponsored the building of this trail.

From Pichetul Rosu start following the red triangle markings all the way to Cabana Malaiesti.

After a 1 hour hike from Pichetul Rosu you will reach the intersection called La Prepeleac where the red triangle and red bar paths separate. Continue on red triangle towards Cabana Malaiesti.

The other trail – red bar – is heading towards Bucsoiu ridge and Omu Peak.

Some parts of the trail require increased attention

Cabana Malaiesti (1720 m)

Red triangle (1 hour)

La Prepeleac (1760 m) – Cabana Malaiesti (1720 m)

From La Prepeleac continue the ascent on red triangle and you should reach Cabana Malaiesti in about 1 hour.

On the way to the Malaiesti Chalet, You will pass through some exposed areas where you will have to use the chains embedded in the rock.

Cabana Malaiesti

Going back to Gura Diham from Cabana Malaiesti

An easier route to Gura Diham

You can go back to Cabana Gura Diham on a less exposed trail, a 4-hour walk in the forest. From Cabana Malaiesti follow the blue stripe markings towards Cabana Diham. This path is open all year round.

The trail descends for about 1.5 hours until you reach a river. After you cross the river you will have to ascend for 50 minutes until you get to Cabana Diham. From Cabana Diham you will descent to Cabana Gura Diham in 1.5 hours.

Ascend to Omu Peak From Cabana Malaiesti

Taking any of the trails described below will take around 5-7 hours to complete if you are in good shape.

1 .Cabana Malaiesti – Hornul Mare – Omu Peak – Valea Cerbului – Gura Diham

From Cabana Malaiesti follow the blue stripe markings all the way to Omu Peak and from there descend via Valea Cerbului on yellow bar for about 5 hours.

This trail will leave you 1.3 km away from Cabana Gura Diham at the asphalt road (Valea Cerbului street).

Cabana Malaiesti – Saua Brana Caprelor – Bucsoiu Peak – Omu Peak – Valea Cerbului – Gura Diham

From Cabana Malaiesti follow the blue stripe markings until you reach the signpost that points towards Brana Caprelor. From there follow the blue triangle markings.

Brana Caprelor is one of our favorite trails because it offers some breathtaking views. Read more about this trail.

If you don’t want to go all the way to Omu Peak, from Saua Brana Caprelor you can descent directly to La Prepeleac and from there to Gura Diham (basically the same way you went up to Cabana Malaiesti)

Some photos from the trail – Cabana Gura Diham to Cabana Malaiesti

Hiking to Cabana Malaiesti
The trails starts with a steep ascent
Hiking to Cabana Malaiesti
One of the many steep climbing sections of the trail
Hiking to Cabana Malaiesti
Rich vegetation during the summer
Hiking to Cabana Malaiesti
Hiking to Cabana Malaiesti
View from Cabana Malaiesti