Negoiu Peak and Custura Saratii – Fagaras Mountains, Romania

Negoiu Peak and Custura Saratii – Fagaras Mountains, Romania

Negoiu Peak (2535m) – second highest peak in Romania

Negoiu Peak (Varful Negoiu – 2535m) is the second highest peak in Romania. The trail from Cabana Poiana Neamtului to Cabana Negoiu is a 5 hour hike that is not technically challenging.

From Cabana Negoiu you can reach Varful Negoiu in about 3.5 hours. Only the portion bellow Saua Cleopatrei may be a little challenging for a beginner in the sense that you have to use your hands in order to climb over the rocky terrain, but it’s not dangerous if you are careful. So just pay attention and take your time to enjoy the views.

Custura Saratii

Custura Saratii is a rocky, sharp, jagged, technical and spectacular mountain ridge that connects Varful Serbota (2331 m) with the foot of Negoiu peak – Saua Cleopatrei (2430m) (Cleopatra’s Saddle).

Custura Saratii is only recommended to advanced hikers, but is optional. You can reach Varful Negoiu without climbing it.

Quick info about hiking to Varful Negoiu and Custura Saratii

  • Starting point: Cabana Poiana Neamtului (760m)
  • Primary objective: Varful Negoiu (2535m)
  • Seasonality: not recommended during winter to continue higher than Cabana Barcaciu
  • Duration: 12h
  • Markings: red stripe, red dot, blue triangle, red stripe, blue stripe
  • State of the markings: good
  • Difficulty: moderate to hard
  • Closest accommodation unit to the start of the trail: Cabana Poiana Neamtului
  • Closest town to the start of the trail: Avrig (15km)
  • Distance from Sibiu: 44 km (1h) by car
  • Parking: yes, on the side of the road

Hiking to Negoiu Peak – trail markings

  1. Red cross: Cabana Poiana Neamtului  (760m) – Cabana Barcaciu (1550m) 3h
  2. Red dot: Cabana Barcaciu (1550m) – Cabana Negoiu (1540m) 2.5h
  3. Blue triangle: Cabana Negoiu (1540m) – Saua Cleopatrei (2430m) 3h
  4. Red stripe:  Saua Cleopatrei (2430m) – Varful Negoiu (2535m) 0.5h
  5. Red stripe: Varful Negoiu (2535m) –  Saua Cleopatrei (2430m) – Custura Saratii – Varful Serbota (2331m) 1.5h
  6. Blue stripe:  Varful Serbota (2331m) – Cabana Negoiu (1540m) 2h

Directions and checkpoints

Start of the trail: Cabana Poiana Neamtului

Poiana Neamtului location
Cabana Poiana Neamtului (start of the trail). Click on the map to open Google Maps

Cabana Poiana Neamtului – Cabana Barcaciu

3h, red cross

The trail starts near Cabana Poiana Neamtului (760m), 15 km away from the center of Avrig. From Bucharest it takes 4-5 hours to reach the start of the trail. In order to get 2 full days for hiking we left Bucharest on Friday evening and spent the night at Cabana Poiana Neamtului where we had an incredible breakfast the next morning.

From Poiana Neamtului, follow the forest road on red cross and pay attention not to loose the markings. In about 1 km from Poiana Neamtului, the trail suddenly turns right and you have to cross the bridge over Paraul Comanesii stream. From here you should reach Cabana Barcaciu in about 2 hours. The trail ascends abruptly at first, but then it gets easier following the contour lines and intersecting the forest road several times.

Cabana Barcaciu – Cabana Negoiu

2.5h, red dot

We filled our water bottles at Cabana Barcaciu and from here we started climbing on the red dot markings all the way to Cabana Negoiu. The trail ascends following the contour lines and then it descends to Valea Puha (Puha Valley). From here it goes up to Muchia Puha (Puha Ridge) until it reaches the alpine plains. It then goes down towards Valea Serbotei (Serbota Valley) and then up  again to the the alpine plains.

In Serbota Valley our trail intersects the one towards Vaful Puha (2176 m). The trail continues with a steep ascent until we intersect the blue stripe trail that descends from Varful Serbota peak (2331 m). From here the climbing gets easier and you should reach Cabana Negoiu (1540 m) after a 2.5h hike from Cabana Barcaciu.

Be aware that in Serbota Valley there may be vipers sunbathing in the middle of the trail. They are venomous but are not aggressive and will run away when if hear you. They may attack only if they feel threaten, so walk carefully. Hiking boots, long pants and snow gators offer good protection against them.

Cabana Negoiu – Piatra Pranzului

3h, blue triangle

You have to reserve weeks in advance in order to find available rooms at Cabana Negoiu during the weekends.

We planned to spend the night At Cabana Negoiu (Negoiu Chalet). We left all our non-essential baggage in our rooms and started climbing on blue triangle towards Muchia Serbota (Serbota Ridge). After crossing a few suspended bridges we exit the forest in Valea Saratii (Saratii Valley).

At some point you will pass near Piatra Pranzului (The Rock of the Lunch) where the trail splits in two. The other trail – red cross – goes towards Strunga Ciobanului  (The Shepard’s Gorge). We continue on blue triangle until we reach Saua Cleopatrei after climbing on some giant rocks.

Saua Cleopatrei – Varful Negoiu

0.5h, red stripe

At Saua Cleopatrei the path intersects the red stripe trail which at the left goes towards Negoiu Peak and at the right towards Custura Saratii. From Saua Cleopatrei we begin a steep climb and in 30 minutes we reach Negoiu Peak.

Varful Negoiu – Custura Saratii – Varful Serbota

1.5 h, red stripe

From Negoiu Peak descent towards Saua Cleopatrei and continue on Custura Saratii following the red stripe markings towards Serbota Peak. This is the most exciting and challenging part of the trail. Don’t take this path if you are afraid of heights, you are too tired or if you consider you don’t have enough hiking experience. You can go back to Cabana Negoiu the same way you came, on blue triangle.

Varful Serbota – Cabana Negoiu

2h, blue stripe

From Serbota Peak descend on blue stripe for 2 hours towards Cabana Negoiu. At some point you will intersect the trail that descends to Barcaciu (red dot).

Acul Cleopatrei (Cleopatra’s pin)
Rocky terrain
Varful Negoiu (Negoiu Peak)
The ridge behind is Custura Saratii
Custura Saratii
Custura Saratii
Valea Saratii
Custura Saratii. Can you spot the person in the picture?
Custura Saratii – yes, it’s steep
Negoiu Peak seen after descending Serbota Peak